Customer Success

"With the Digital Transformation, email has become a critical centerpiece of how business is conducted. No-one knows this better than Meditract, so they chose Gotham as their trusted partner to migrate Office 365. Gotham managed the entire process, ensuring that the experience was as seamless as possible ."

Blaine Polley, IT Admin

"Gotham Web Services has been an amazing partner for both Great Jones Books and Labyrinth Books. Over our many year history they have been incredibly responsive and flexible as we face different retail challenges. Gotham has helped us grow over time and continue to be proactive partners for our businesses."

Chistopher Cook, IT Director

"Gotham Web Services has been a valued partner of Steven Engineering for almost 20 years.  They have been attentive and quick to act on all of our questions and requests as well as helped us as our business has grown and needs evolved."

Darren Yamashita, IT Admin

"Gotham Web Services has been Photogra’s strategic enterprise hosting partner for over 10 years. Our colocation services, along with IP connectivity and Managed Services Support allow Photogra to focus on their business while our team takes care of their infrastructure and hosting"

Doug Cohn, CTO

"Gotham Web has been a Target Health trusted partner since the late 90’s. We provide this industry leading healthcare software with colocation and network services, Office 365, Azure and Managed Services support."

Tahir Rauf, IT Director

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