Introduction of Telia Sonera to our network

Gotham Web Services has chosen Telia Sonera to strengthen and increase capacity for our European and Middle Eastern customers.

Effective November 2015 we will be adding Telia Sonera to our network which will run in parallel with Level 3. This will not only provide greater redundancy within the US, but allow for better performance for customers located in Europe and the Middle East, where Telia Sonera is a leading network provider.

Global Connectivity

Direct connectivity between content and customers is the key to high-quality, low-latency delivery. Telia owns and operates one of the top 3 IP backbones in the world.

This provides a direct, uninterrupted path between 200 PoPs throughout North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Telia’s high-bandwidth managed interconnections with other Tier 1 networks provide a full global routing table with minimal AS hops.


Reliability is built into Telia’s backbone with network diversity at the physical layer. Geographically diverse fiber combined with dual PoPs – in major cities and all major international gateways – ensure that your network never goes down. Scalability of multiple 10G and 100G tailored to meet your specific needs. Telia can scale up quickly and cost-effectively as you grow.

Telia Sonera network in short

  • 200 PoPs in Asia, Europe (including Russia) and the US (Network Map)
  • Physical diversity of the red and blue network


  • Own ducts and optical network managed across Europe, Russia and North America
  • High capacity & secure Juniper TX+ equipment
  • 100G-enabled networks

So what does this mean for Gotham Web Customers?

Simple, clients will not have greater redundancy, better performance and optimized routing options. Traffic will route via the shortest path to destination via either Level3 or Telia Sonera.