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SSL Secure Certificates

SSL Secure Certificates

We provide certificates from Symantec, RapidSSL and Geotrust.  All of our certificates are SHA256 compatible and include installation support.

Extended Validation Certificates

These are knows as EV. These certificates require extended validation and once issued they include the green address bar technology. These are important for e-commerce or high profile websites where confirming identity is important. EV certificates start at $179 per year.

Domain Validated Certificates

These types of certificates require that the domain owner simply proves ownership and are generally issued in minutes. DV certificates are ideal for many websites where proving identity is not critical. DV certificates start at $49 per year.

Wildcard Certificates

A wildcard certificate will secure all sub-domains of a given domain within a single certificate. Useful if you have multiple sub-domains that all need encryption. Wildcard certificates start at $149 per year.

Organization Validated Certificates

Certificates that have been organization validated require you to supply information about your organization. OV Certificates start at $99 per year

Multi-Domain Certificates (SAN/UC)

Using the SAN field of the SSL certificate it is possible to support up to 100 domains in a single certificate. This can be useful if you have multiple top level domains and any internal domains you want to secure.


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