Effective May 2021 we are enforcing storage quotas on shared email services provided.


Shared Hosting Clients


Clients with shared hosting will continue to have storage quota shared with the plan they are subscribed to. So if you are subscribed to a plan that has 10gb disk storage, then the mail quota will be 10gb.


Clients with sites on our Dedicated or VPS Servers with Shared mail enabled


Clients on our dedicated or VPS using our shared mail servers will have a limit of 10gb per domain. There is no limit on domains, as long as the domain is hosted on a VPS or Dedicated server,


Clients with large mailboxes requiring enterprise grade mail available on all devices are encouraged to transition email to Office 365. Clients on our shared mail servers are suggested use POP to download mail, and set Outlook to remove downloaded email from server.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

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