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The iPhone 6 is coming out … now what! Posted on Sep 11, 2014

So you have been waiting for Apple to release the iPhone 6 for a while now so that you can switch from a Blackberry or Android … but that's gonna set you back at least several hundred bucks! So here's a deal for you ….move over 10 or more Hosted Exchange mailboxes from any competitor to Gotham Web Services and we'll give send you a $200 check towards thge purchase of an iPhone 6!

Apple iPhone supports Microsoft Exchange activesync so that all your contacts, mail and calendars are in sync with our cloud. No matter what device, your email, contacts and calendars will remain in sync at all times.

Checkout details on our Hosted Exchange here!

To take advantage of this offer please fill complete the form below and we'll get you setup.


Iphone 6

* Offer does not apply on Hosted Exchange Lite. Rebate check will be sent out no later than 90 days after signup. To qualify for the rebate customer needs to maintain a minimum of 10 mailboxes active for 90 days


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