About our facilities and network

At the core of Gotham Web Services is our network and facilities. Our primary datacenter is located in Chelsea, Manhattan in a neighborhood known as New York’s Silicon Alley, our Tier IV datacenter is located in a building that has become one of the mort important network hubs in North America. Any important global carrier will want to have a presence here. Our DR datacenter is located in Seattle at 1000 Denny Way.

Our Network

So what does this mean for you from a network standpoint when you are hosted with Gotham Web Services? Well for first you are just a hop a way from the worlds most important global networks thanks to Gotham’s use of Level 3 Communications and Telia Sonera. Additionally we are a proud member of the NYIIX exchange which peers directly with major infrastructure networks such as Akamai and AWS.

Imagine that your data has to go to London or Frankfurt or to Akamai or AWS, thanks to our outstanding network your data will reach destination in just a few hops.

Our Facilities

Just as important as an outstanding network, a world class facility is even more important. Our Tier IV facility has fully redundant connections to the most important Carrier Hotels in New York City.

Security is paramount at Gotham’s datacenter with multiple levels of security prior to reaching the colo space. First you have to get past building security, once you have cleared this point you head to the elevator. Now make sure you have a key card else the elevator will not stop at the datacenter! Once you reach the datacenter floor you have yet another level of security with the ManTrap. The purpose of this is to avoid tailgating. Of course without a key card the ManTrap won’t open. Now you have reached the datacenter lobby but it’s not over yet. Even though you have your key card, you must still sign in and someone will escort you to the colocation suite where your keycard will allow you access to the colocation suite. Yes it sounds like a lot of layers but security is not taken lightly.

Datacenter Fast Facts

  • Fully caged space, monitored via CCTV
  • Access to colo space only with key card
  • On site TRUE 24/7 support
  • Tier IV Facility
  • Smoke Alarms, pre-action sprinklers and dry pipes suppression
  • Central HVAC monitoring
  • Internal and external close circuit video surveillance
  • Key card access only to datacenter floor AND colocation space
  • Mantrap Biometric Security


  • SSAE 16
  • PCI Compliance
  • Safe Harbor
  • CPNI
  • SOC II

To find out more, or to schedule a visit please email info@gothamweb.com.