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Vmware VPS Overview

Unlike most other VPS hosting services offered by competitors, our Virtual Private Servers are powered by VMARE software. By delivering our Virtual Private Servers on VMWARE technology, we are able to guarantee critical resources to each VPS such as RAM and CPU without having to rely and share the underlying OS.

In addition to guaranteed resources, each VPS server is a dedicated OS instance ensuring a robust, secure and isolated virtual hosting environment which goes way beyond traditional VPS hosting.



The VMWARE Advantage

    • Each VPS represents a complete system with ram, processor, network, drives and OS.
    • Bare-metal architecture and hardware virtualization
    • OS isolation via dedicated OS instances per VPS
    • Guaranteed resources such as CPU and RAM
    • Web interface allows for VPS management, restart and reboots.
    • Easily import existing physical or virtual machine (P2V)
    • Support for Windows and Linux

Download our full Vmware spec sheet here.

If you have any questions email our sales representitives or call us toll-free at 1-877.675.3556.

You can signup for the service online or feel free to call us at 1-877.675.3556.


Vmware VPS Servers
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